Ebusiness Ideas

2 Billion Internet
Users Worldwide

2.6 Jobs Created
For One Job Lost

Internet Accounts For 4.1% of GDP
in 13 Countries we looked at,

and 21% of GDP growth in the last 5 years
in mature countries.

75% of Internet Impact Arises
From Traditional Industries.

10% Increase In Productivity For Small
And Medium Business From Internet Usage.

Small & medium business
heavily using web technologies
grow and export2x as much
as others.

Upto €20 per Internet users
per month of consumer surplus.

The Internet Economy in the G-20
The $4.2 Trillion Growth Opportunity

The Internet accounted for 21 percent of GDP growth over the last five years among the developed countries
Most of the economic value created by the Internet falls outside of the technology sector, with 75 percent of the benefits captured by companies in more traditional industries.

The Internet economy in the world's G20 nations will grow by more than 10 percent annually surpassing the size of the German economy at $4.2 trillion by 2016.

As a proliferation of Web-enabled Smartphone’s is expected to help a total of 3 billion people access the Internet by 2016, online retail, banking, advertising, IT services.

In developed markets, the Internet economy will grow at about 8 percent annually, while in developing markets it will grow more than twice as fast.

The UK has retained its position as the largest internet economy in the G-20, according to research by the Boston Consulting Group. The internet is now the UK’s second-biggest economic contributor behind the property sector, having overtaken manufacturing and retail.

By 2016, the Internet economy will be contributing 12.4% of GDP in the UK, compared with a G-20 average of 5.3%.

It has reached a scale and level of impact that no business, industry, or government can ignore. And like any technological phenomenon with its scale and speed, it presents myriad opportunities, which consumers have been quick and enthusiastic to grasp. Businesses, particularly small and medium enterprises (SMEs)—the growth engine of most economies.

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